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Integrates the visitor-facing side of the yalst livesupport-tool in a web page or web application


import {applyPreset} from '';

   preset: "embedded icon english",
   serverUrl: "",
   site: "1-1",
   dictionary: {
        "text_offline": "Contact Us Outside Our Business Hours"


Setting Type Description Optional
additionalFields String key-value text pairs forwarded to the chat agent or used for visitor identification 1
dictionary {[key: string]: string} mapping Object customize texts (e.g. labels)
preset String name of the preset as configured in the yalst admin side
serverUrl String
site String yalst license


A mapping from keys to string values targeting most text elements. All keys are optional. The keys are described in the reference section.

Precedence of label strings

  Text Launcher Button           Icon Launcher Button
          ╱ ╲                            ╱ ╲
         ╱   ╲                          ╱   ╲          
        ╱     ╲                        ╱     ╲         
       ╱ apply…╲                      ╱ apply…╲        
      ╱…Preset()╲                    ╱…Preset()╲       
     ╱───────────╲                  ╱───────────╲      
    ╱preset-given²╲                ╱             ╲
   ╱───────────────╲              ╱built-in texts ╲         
  ╱ built-in texts  ╲            ╱according to the ╲   
 ╱ according to the  ╲          ╱ preset language   ╲  
╱   preset language   ╲         ───────────────────── 

  1. mandatory if used for visitor identification with visitor tracking enabled 

  2. when using a text launcher button, these strings can also be set by the admin in the yalst backend